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My name is Pier Paolo Guillén Hernández, which literally means “Little Stone”. The English equivalent would be “Peter Paul Williams”. I was born on June 29th, 1982 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, coincidentally on the day of the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Most of my life revolves around computers and programming. Right now I'm studying a Masters degree in Computer Science at Purdue University, and I have and undergrad degree as an Electrical Engineer from Universidad Panamericana, Bonaterra. I co-founded Nibbo Studios back in 2005, where I spent next to three years programming videogames. I've also worked in the IT industry (at Softtek) as software engineer for close to a year and as an adjuct instructor at UPB for a semester.

I've volunteered in the Informatics Olympiad in Aguascalientes and Bonaterra's internal ACM-ICPC for some years, helping by being part of the jury, proposing problems and training the team. I really enjoy this type of problems and used to spend a lot of time in college solving them. I liked in particular russian sites (such as Ural, Saratov) as well as Project Euler because most of the problems are short and easy to understand, but quite challenging. I also enjoy recreational math, such as word problems and the 24 challenge game.

My biggest hobby is gaming, all the way from the design and programming to actually playing them. I enjoy almost any genre, as long as it's a good game. I'm particularly fond of platformers, RPGs and strategy games, and if I had to choose a favorite developer it would be Nintendo. A list of my favorite games can be found on my GGE profile (although I haven't update it in a while).

I also enjoy reading, mostly science fiction (such as Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov), fantasy (Alice in Wonderland), manga (japanese comics) and informal scientific and technology books. Watching movies, cartoons and anime (japanese animation), also favoring sci-fi and fantasy, as well as comedy. Playing and watching sports, particularly football (soccer), basketball and martial arts, but as with gaming, I like playing almost anything. I root for Monterrey (Mexican football), Fedor Emelianenko (MMA) and, of course, Purdue (college basketball and american football); and used to do it for Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and for Chicago Bulls (NBA) during the Jordan era. And as any other guy, I like to go out and hang out with my friends.

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